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    We pickup your laundry, sort them, treat all the stains, wash, dry, iron and deliver back to you in one neat easy package.



    From an owner-operated hair salon to a government hospital and everything in between, we are the most responsive and cost-competitive laundry and linen provider in your city.

How We Work?

Book a convenient pick-up slot & delivery slot. We offer a normal service of 48 hours and a express delivery.


Our 'Helpmate' will check and count the clothes sorted by service type i.e Washing & Steam Ironing, Dry Cleaning & Steam Ironing or only Steam Ironing and will collect your clothes in separate, labeled laundry bags.


We will then wash or dry clean them the way they ought to be - in a clean, hygenic and eco-friendly manner using modern technology and state of the art imported machines.


We steam iron them, pack them neatly and prepare them for delivery. We will either fold to pack them or will give them on hangers with a cover, based on the garment size and type.


As per your chosen delivery slot, we will get your nicely packed garments to the location of your choice. We will handover the nice smelling garments at your doorstep in our branded laundry carry bags.



We provide you with the best and most convenient services possible..

Wash and Fold
Clothes are washed in a professional machine. Whites and Darks are separately washed in different machines and dried in tumble dryer. Post washing, the clothes are steam ironed keeping a butter paper inside the cloth to provide stiffness.

How we do it?


Why Us?

For a modern, city slicker like you, checklists are a part of daily routine. They often pile up with essential everyday chores, like laundry. Whether you are living alone or living with family and taking care of their needs, you wish there was someone to share this load. You wish there was someone who would help you do your laundry just the way you would or even better.That’s where we come in.

At Xtreme Laundry we offer easy, professional laundry services. Our team of experts cares for your clothes, just the way you would and even better. Right from the pickup stage - doing your laundry - delivering it, we bring in our expertise and the best of technology. For instance, the water and detergent we use are of the best quality and clothing-friendly. To maintain good hygiene throughout the process of laundry we collect clothes in specially designed and labeled laundry bags, wash your family’s clothes separately and pack them to retain their freshness. So you can rest assured that your clothes are in good hands.

Eco Friendly

We at Xtreme Laundry believe in water conservation and save approximately 5000 Liters of water Per Day!


We at Xtreme Laundry aim at providing laundry at par to the laundry done at home, and our KG based model proves to be successful is replacing the day to day laundry done at home through help or through machines.


Laundry is all about combination of technology, detergent and water. We at Xtreme Laundry are loyal ELECTROLUX users.


We use the best in quality products, to assure that your favorite clothes are always there for you to wear.

Express Delivery

Forgot to wash your clothes for interview/business meeting? Never mind. With our super express delivery, we would get your laundry done in 6 hours.

A Class Apart

We are an ISO certified company which aims at providing all water based cleaning solutions, all our technology guarantees no hazardous emissions that could affect the environment.